Tuesday, April 06, 2021


'The plain-song, cuckoo gray'


Thursday, April 8 at 9 p.m. Eastern. It’s time again to pour yourself three beverages, sit back with one you love or like a lot, relax and listen to the piano man, our host, singing and playing songs of suspicious origin with reckless abandon. And is he drunk? Is he high? Is he in his right mind, whatever shape that may be? Who cares? Sing along, dance, drink, tune in and update your mind, listening to the wonderful broadcast in its third decade.


Brought to you by Molotov Memoirs,the digital version, now at Blurb, only $3.99 and Licence To Skill, in digital format at Amazon, only $2.99.


Thursdays: 9-11 p.m. EDT. You can also hear Cotolo-alter-ego Restless Johnny Wakeloose in the Green Room at 8 p.m. EDT at SRN and come into the chatroom with Johnny and the gang by clicking here


Listen live on SRN One https://c5.radioboss.fm/u/76




Google Cotolo Chronicles for all possibilities of hearing the show live, replayed or archived, on your computer, iPod or iPhone.

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