Wednesday, July 08, 2009


The Kaye factor

Now you can hear Dr. Sharon Kaye and our host in conversation because the July 9 show is a product of new gear, fresh connections and should be glitch free. Professor Kaye (pictured) has a Ph.D. in Philosophy, an M.A. in Philosophy and a B.A. in Philosophy and is the author of a few books on ... philosophy. Her first novel is a mystery to do with ... philosophy. Live on July 9, she talks about her new book and all things philosophic ...

The Shortstop presents Cotolo Chronicles around the world. Thursdays: 1-3 a.m. UK (9-11 p.m. EDT) ACN Stereo Feed**Broadband & Winamp (iTunes or Foobar) required. You can also hear Cotolo-alter-ego Restless Johnny Wakeloose in the Green Room from 1 a.m. UK (8 p.m. EDT, 1 a.m. CET) ... ACN also broadcasts the Green Room live.
Listen live dial-up or broadband, click here at 9 p.m. EST.

Check the links below for all possibilities of hearing the show live, replayed or archived, on your computer, iPod or iPhone. The RSS feed and file download are also in left column and at Podomatic.Audio Coffee ; SRN One ; KJAG Radio ; TyneFm ; WJYZ (960 AM); Wild Bunch Radio ; The Wolf Radio ; Rant Radio ; WBTM Radio ; Podshow ; ... et al.

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