Saturday, September 17, 2005


A view to a visit

So far the history of this web log had produced almost 5,000 visitors. That may not sound like much because it isn’t. Still, compared to many other blogs (there are more than 14 million at last count, though we have no idea how many more and who is doing the counting) our number is high.

Sitemeter calculates our blog views and visits but we still cannot tell the difference between a view and a visit. To our knowledge, when one views they visit and when one visits they view, so the distinction eludes us.

If you or anyone is viewing or visiting this blog now, why not hit the link that reads “next blog” in the upper right corner of the screen. Then you will be hurled to another blog at random and you can keep doing that to view or visit many blogs. I have done this and I have emailed many of the authors of the random blogs I visited (viewed). But not a one that I viewed (visited) resulted in a response. Not just that, but some of these blogs are presenting copy (text) that does not seem to be updated often (a lot). It more than appears (looks like) these people (bloggers) don't care much about who is viewing (visiting) their creation (page).

Should you have the time, you might want to try to visit (view) all 14 million or so blogs. This would give you an excellent means of comparison (comparison) and would help you come to a conclusion (result). Most blogs are not created (produced) to heighten (lift) one’s (your) consciousness (awareness) of life and rarely go beyond the fringes of self-indulgence. Most, in fact, are exercises in ego. Even as you read this, thousands of new blogs are being created and visited (viewed) and abandoned (left to rot) because most blog creators (normal Joes and Josephines) are not capable (good enough) to present (perform) readable copy (text).
You be the judge (Crater) and start to peruse (look closely) blogs and when you arrive at a view (visit), let me know (show me).

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