Friday, September 23, 2005


Log jam

Some listeners are so precious that we know something is right about this program. The following is a personal log from friends Paul and Ellen (Pezz), who know Thursday is the most dangerous night of the week. The message is reprinted sans editing.

Thursday night Live - the most dangerous night of the week
Is it that , Sumatran cat shit coffee, at $300 pound, that, your noisy,coffee machine makes?
9:25 p.m. Hey Frank, Paul still has six months under 50
9:30 Bad joke on Hunter T's last words. Thank you so much for reading his last written words
:35 more coffee
9:40 getting into it with Caterine
9:44, replenishing our bodily fluids:coffee machine
10p.m. Paul: "I think the best reviews are standing ovations, especially whenthey get out of a wheel chair!"

10:00 We go out a lot. We found alternate gigs. We found ONE great clubthough . We're playing it . One hour away. Chicky's in Westbrook, Me. Frank you gotta come visit for this one!

10:something, The Caterine shuffle is on. Score one for Frank.
10:20 in the words of Hunter Tompson: O
10:23 "all the musicians we know ,are good ones" :Ellen

10:30 all we, KNOW, has been done. We just got ourselves a Stump fiddle!
10:39 Wow Frank, a convert!

10:45 Jimmie, you count.
10:47 I know Frank Cotolo and I've played music w/him and that's really cool!
10:50 maybe.,wow, harvest season is upon us, it was very good year!
10:52 coffee
10:55 J.C was a wonderful guest and a gentleman, a true gifted and addictedmusician.We're always listening.

So are we.

Frank, help me out here if you can... for some unknown reason, my recent Sunday show of the 25th September has been downloaded 309 times... yes, it's Monday now, thats the confusing bit...
I mean... wtf did I do? wtf did ampcast do?
fact: was still recovering from Saturday nights concert so was majorly knackered by Sunday lunchtime here in the UK.
fact: I really wasn't in the mood to broadcast, but I'm a stubborn thing (Capricorn - read: stubborn, bad on the knees.. thats me...)and stubborn reads 'do it anyway', and I did.

Just did not expect to see how mental the stats would go on one show. I could understand there being a problem if everything was affected on my ampcast page - but no, just Sundays show.
It's great if that is correct.. it means I'm getting something right, but if it's wrong, ah what the heck! I took a screenshot earlier to preserve the moment and I uploaded it to my fotopic page for prosperity.
I sit here in almost a state of flux not knowing whether or not to cheer or jeer.
Either way, it's suddenly made a naff day like Monday seem a little more interesting.
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