Monday, August 15, 2005


A title in the present tense

So, the ongoing controversy, which continues on and further than onward, concerns the word “The,” specifically with an upper case “T” as to the title of this blog, which, of course, is identical, or should be, to the title of the program of which this blog is a spin off. All right, a deep breath. (Pause.)

Now, it should be made official, in a very casual way, that the title of the show in question (though there should be no question since we have already answered the question, “What is the title of this show?” by indicating that this blog is the same title as that program) does not have a “The” in it, and for good reason.

The Cotolo Chronicles indicates a noun, a physical thing that is the chronicles. That is, something spoken, written or translated as a chronicle would be. But the meaning of the title Cotolo Chronicles is, without the “The” a present-tense sentence, albeit short, with a subject and a verb.

Cotolo is the subject. He or she or it, as the case would be, in any event, the person, the noun itself, that will be doing the action the verb commands. The verb is “chronicles,” which is an action, not a noun, not a physical document written or otherwise. To chronicle is the verb. Its definition is: To record in or in the form of a historical record. This makes Cotolo “the chronicler” and thus puts the entire theme of the show in a less-than-formal theater of chronicle.

I hope that explains why Cotolo Chronicles is not The Cotolo Chronicles and never has been and never will be. Of course, you can call it that if you want, just as the Spanish call it, Los Chronicles de Cotolo.

Hey Frank, not sure if you're reading your comments at all, but.. ampcast is DOWN sir... DOWN!!
No access for 2 whole stinkin' days and no prior warning and no sign of anyone getting on to it to fix it. Maybe this is where you'll end Cotolo Chronicles if it continues. Right now, I wanna send every ampcast dj a copy of the 'Ampcast down song' I did absolutely ages ago when rather less spectacular outages used to occur on a somewhat frequent basis - and before the delicate surgery to change servers.
All this comes a year after the move to the icecast thingamajig which I have to admit, got used to in no time whatsoever, and, when my show (Audio Coffee) celebrates its first birthday!
So what else can I add? well, lets hope the good ship Ampcast gets its sea legs back and we can all get back to doing the things we all love doing, which is broadcasting our shows to the people who appreciate the things we do for them.
And despite everything last Sunday, I did my show full of a streaming cold, the details I'll keep to a minimum because I really was not in a fit state, but I'm such a stubborn little bugger, it just seemed that the show HAD to go on, and it did. Proof if ever, there's at least one idiot out there determined to give everyone her cold - and yes, I'll be handing it all out as a prize this coming Sunday in the 'Audio Coffee pre-birthday bash birthday bash'.

did I say 'dj'? I meant to say 'broadcaster'... damned holiday.. if I put any more weight on.........................
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