Monday, June 13, 2005


Things to do while beginning a workweek

Another Monday is hurled upon us like a medicine ball heading for impact upon our chests. It is always difficult beginning a workweek. However, if you change your perspective and think about how difficult it would be to start a week without work, living on the street in a cardboard box, two hankies and a dog named Stinky, you could feel better. That is, unless your dream of freedom is becoming a sociopath, which, I might add and now do add, we endorse. We also condone pets named Stinky.

We are thinking of gimmicks to draw more listeners to our show. It seems that the heady stuff has a limited appeal; we need to add more action to “radio.” So, keep those suggestions coming in, email me at … We entertain all suggestions.

A continuing adventure in literature on the Internet is available at Indie Journal Daily. A novel, The Complete and Unabridged History of Japan is being presented weekly (three chapters a workweek). Archives help you catch up with what you have missed. Check it all out—free—and do it before this novel is finished and goes to hardbound hard copy.

Podcast Alley is a popular podcasting directory. It maintains a Top 50. Placing on that list is very helpful to our program. The list is determined by voting, and at the start of each new month, they wipe the voting slate clean and start fresh. You can vote once per month, and also leave a comment, if you wish to wax poetic. Your vote (click here) is appreciated to help keep Cotolo Chronicles in view to pick up new audience members. Thanks for your support.

Podcasts of all kinds are also available at Idiotvox dot com … You can get our feed there and check out other programs. No votes are necessary here.

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