Monday, June 06, 2005


I am the muse to use, at your service

Today, I want to invoke the laws of inspiration. I want to be one of those contemporary kinds who or whom or that makes you feel more energized. So, I refer you to a few links.

First, think about those small moments that ring loudly. Click here.

Next, second at the least, explore your expectations. Click here.

And while I am at it, let me discuss same-sex marriage, even if you don't have a member of the same gender you wish to join with in matrimony. Click here.

There will not be a quiz, so don't take notes. Just wander through your own thoughts as you ponder. Yes, ponder as you wander is exactly what I am urging. And be on the look out for The Wandering Ponderer, or The Pondering Wanderer (I forget the title, now). It is my new book, available this week at Bookbusters, Bookbinders, Bookbakers and Bookbuilders. It features all new material, although I borrowed some words that were also used by James Joyce in one of his books. It couldn't be helped, since we wrote in the same language.

You can write to me at about any of these matters or others. But it is best you tend to all of your responsibilities and chores before you spend any time writing to a stranger. And if I am not a stranger to you, then think through our relationship and ask yourself why it is that you don't buy me more things to secure my loyalty. And if you are a good, good friend, then I doubt if you are reading this at all.

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