Friday, June 10, 2005


The heat is on

So here comes another weekend and if you are in the summer portions of the globe, it will be a steamy one. Yesterday I drove in a wild thunderstorm that produced gloriously clear streaks of lightning in the sky. I wish to protest, however, how people today mis-spell ‘lightning.’ It is not ‘lightening.’ It is ‘lightning.’

And here it is, only June.

Recommended mainstream reading over the weekend includes a list of quick-to-get-though Western American romance novels. Click here for a list. These books are simple and mushy and don’t provide much incite for thinking, but hey, it is going to be steamy out and even if you have air-conditioning indoors (why would you have it outdoors?) you will be annoyed and slowed by the barometric pressure. Who wants heavy, right?

I condone all reading. I am not an intellectual slob. I am hardly an intellectual. I am, though, a slob in many ways. But this is not about my slobbery (yes, I made up the word and I am proud of it and feel I have deserved the right to do so), this is about service to the masses, which I try to provide with objectivity, in a subjective sort of way.

And please if you get a chance, go vote for our show at Podcast Alley.

So stay cool and remember you can listen for the first time or again to our June 9 show on any number of internet radio stations or download for a podcast (see list below). In the meantime, in between time, ain’t we got fun!

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