Friday, June 03, 2005


A foggy day ... la la la la

This weekend you can hear the rebroadcast of our most recent show on one more affiliate, this one headquartered in London, England (there are so many Londons that I have to specify the country). Phil Wilson tells us that he loves the show and will broadcast it on HOT-FM.CO.UK every Sunday at 10 p.m. Great Britain time. Parliament will take note, I imagine. Welcome to Phil and my mates.

And here is another weekend, its face reared in the gloomy weather that launches it. Indeed, as the song goes, “June showers bring June flowers.” All right, so I changed the song. How about, "a foggy day in London town/Cotolo Chronicles the chosen sound..." Stiff-upper-lip, Watson.

Next week on the show, Dom Cimei and Larry Michelich join me in some paling around, music and conversation, so don’t miss the June 9 program. If you come into the Ampcast chat room at 8 p.m. EST, you can hear the Dressing Room Hour, where Dom will perform an acoustic set.

All other things being equal, which they are not, I invite you to check in here next week for reminders, remainders, remorse, refills, reverberations, rehashing, retribution, recourse and resounding reasons to exist.

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