Monday, June 27, 2005


As the mind turns

Some of my thoughts on where we are this time of year as this week of the year begins . . .

Well, Billy Graham retired. I followed Bill every step of the way. Yes, he told me to call him “Bill” when I helped him write some of his inspirational talks in or around 1982. Even though he ignored my suggestion that he leave the term “God” out of his orations, we got along well.

I say St. Louis wins the World Series this year if they are one of the teams playing.

Lots of people come up to me in common public places and they ask, “Frank, what ever happened to Marshall Thompson, the actor?” I tell them he died in the early ‘90s and they usually think I said he was in his early 90s and the whole conversation becomes annoying. We miss you, Marshall.

Of all the people I have ever met, Salvador Dali impressed me the most. Many people knew Sal (his friends called 'em that) as a strange man with a strange presence who painted some strange things. But the Sal I knew was a normal guy who just liked to screw around with art and enjoyed tossing fruit off of roves just to see how they would splat. He was also quite a boxer. He once knocked out Picasso in the first round of a charity match the two held in Lyons, France with a quick left to Pablo's expanding middle. Of course that was during Pablo's "Blue Period," and led immediately to Pablo's "Black and Blue Period."

But I digress. I think it has to do with the current heat wave, which is playing tricks on my mind and making me unable to wear a three-piece suit. Let’s just get this week going with confidence and a tweak of hope, which, by the way, is the name of my new book, available this week at all participating Bookbasher stores. You can get Confidence and a Tweak of Hope by searching for it at Amazon dot com. If the search comes up empty, write to Amazon and say, “Hey, where is this book, guys?”

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