Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Hang on, Paul!

Paul Williams, renowned author and founder of the revolutionary Crawdaddy magazine, will be a guest live via phone on the Feb. 17 edition of Cotolo Chronicles at 9 p.m. EST.

Paul Williams has made numerous impressions upon the pop culture scene and has been praised for his insightful material on rock giants like Brian Wilson, Neil Young and Bob Dylan. His most recently book is Bob Dylan--Mind Out of Time (Performing Artist Vol. 3), from Omnibus Press.

Mr. Williams, who has also written science fiction and philosophy pieces and a series he calls Hippie Memoirs and Collections, was the brainchild of Crawdaddy, which debuted in 1966 and quickly became a powerful voice of the ‘60s’ generation. The magazine and the journalistic style Williams popularized and helped create, inspired the birth of Rolling Stone Magazine in 1967.

Cotolo Chronicles has followed the life and death of Crawdaddy’s most recent incarnation, as a newsletter supported by subscription and Mr. Williams.

“As one writer to another from the same era,” I said in my official press statement, “I guarantee a spirited conversation that will be especially important for indie artists of all types. Paul has been an important creative force through the decades and continues to leap over all obstacles that attempt to slow down his projects. We are happy and honored to have him on the show as we attempt to pioneer the new medium.”

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