Friday, January 14, 2005


Means to no end, yet

''It is never to be forgotten that we are in the presence of the human character the most magnificently endowed, in all time . . . so that of him, inevitably, it goes hardest with us to be told that we have nothing, or next to nothing.''

Sure, I wish that was written about me, but what the hell. Goes to show you, though, that as the weekend approaches, the dreams and illusions of our minds and hearts rise to the top like cream and, well, yeah, scum rises to the top too, but I was trying to be positive here.

Lots of people are trying to convince lots of other people that the current natural catastrophes occurring around the globe are signs of the world’s end. I want to rid you all of such anxiety, if you were leaning in the direction of believing those people. Unless your front lawn is filled with frogs from the most recent rainfall, plan for tomorrow. In fact, start thinking about a summer vacation. And don’t worry about going to places where there have been major natural catastrophes. The odds are now in favor of good weather.

Have a great weekend.

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