Saturday, November 06, 2004


Songs, sense and announcements

What a week just passed. Filled with fun, music and no one in my immediate vicinity threw up. Hope you enjoyed Paul Dube and Ellen Lindsey on Chronicles last week. They were great. Ole Larry Splash Michelich was on the pots and pans during the show, which you can download at

I had the pleasure to accompany Paul on guitar and vocals at two gigs locally. As usual he was well received and I was tolerated and neither of us broke any strings.

SRN Radio 1 ( ) is playing exclusive Common Sense Cotolo spots and we urge you to tune into the station and listen for them. SRN has gotten many phone calls since they began running the spots but only those calling collect commented about the special segment. This will become a regular feature for SRN Radio 1 as soon as my doctor allows me to use my digital recorder again. It seems that machines operated using binary math are causing me to lose function of my left nostril.

My Crop Circles Tour is being planned right now, so bookmark this blog for further information on that. Maybe I will come to your town and meet you or come to a town close to you and call you from there. And keep listening for a special announcement that will require your attention to absorb.

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