Friday, September 03, 2004


September begins with 2004 on the wane

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Reflections on the program of Sept.2

We encourage the employees of Dunkin Donuts across these great United States (and make no mistake about it these are great states) to read the window dressing and understand the signs. It reads: Smoke-free Dunkin Donuts on the store window. So, we feel that if you enter and ask for a smoke-free donut, the employee should understand the joke, laugh and/or make a smart remark. Not understanding the joke may mean a complete checkup is in order.


We are down on National Public Radio (NPR) because they are acting elite without cause. NPR denies requests from streaming net radio broadcasters to air its hourly news broadcast. The explanation is that it is NPR policy. We feel that is not a satisfactory explanation and are angered. We were under the impression that NPR was a liberal, education-minded supporter of the "arts" and non-commercial facilities. Apparently it is not and so I will continue to watch it for free.


The Des has introduced me to the Zigones, who he claims are aliens. On Aug. 31 he guided me to a light in the sky that appeared in the east and moved south, claiming that is the mother ship. I did witness the light, but await more information on what it means to witness the light. The Des claims he will talk more about what any of this means on his own show, a renegade stream at ... check the site for broadcast times and listen to Chronicles for more details.

The Des...ha ha ha...all I can say, In other news it was recently revealed that The Zigones are just that gone...

Jiggy Jaguar
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