Monday, March 26, 2007


Monday muse

She's everyone's favorite heart throb, she is the template for the lonely woman who searches and searches for the one person who can sooth her rough edges and take the edge off of her smooth roughness.

She is Emily Groom and another episode of The Life and Loves of Emily Groom is now available.

Click here for another episode.

Emily Groom has become one of the most popular fictional characters the modern woman from the west has ever had. Emily's lonesome, needy heart yearns to have the perfect person to settle her inner turmoil, which becomes more inner with every passing day (and as we all know, the days keep passing regardless any innard yearning). Men will love the adventures of Emily Groom, too, since she sounds like she is attractive enough to have fun with in bed.

Enjoy the next episode, from the coming book titled --you guessed it-- The Life and Loves of Emily Groom.

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