Friday, June 24, 2005


Calling all stars ...

Thanks to Walter Stewart for his spirited conversation as our guest on the June 23 program. If you did not catch the live show, check the affliates list below to listen to a rebroadcast this weekend. And, podcasters can go get their feed now, it's up.

We offer our thoughts and prayers to the family of Clarence Carson Parks II, songwriter, musician and veteran folksinger. Parks passed away on June 22. You are surely acquainted with his celebrated accomplishment as author of the 1967 hit song, Something Stupid. His brother, the brilliant Van Dyke Parks, will be a special guest on our program some time this summer.

The long, hot summer will be totally cool on Thursday nights. Look for vibrant conversations with guests Leigh Silver, RIPE, Paul Williams, Dr. Popoli, Van Dyke Parks and more in July and August.

Keep checking in here, at this blog, for updates, news, thoughts, rumors and everything connected to our program. Have a great weekend.

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