Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Mass debating at hand

...continuing in the political arena, we heard that the debates have been set and Chronicles is sad, but not surprised, that the first Presidential candidate debate will be on Thursday, Sept. 30. Of course, another giant media event is scheduled to cross the path of Chronicles. We may just have to do a special show, as we did with the political party conventions, and have a sound stream from the debate site. Fair and balanced commentary is guaranteed. Remember, we are undecideds. So be at Chronicles on Sept. 30.
Just after the debates were set, representatives from each campaign came foward and announced how their candidates did in those up and coming meetings. Since these statements will be presented no matter what happens in the actual debates, the parties thought it best to get them out there now.

From the Republicans ... "It is clear, and the American people know it, that the President stood his ground firmly and won the debate[s]. All of his answers were detailed and the American people know where he stands and they support him fully. He did better than we expected."

From the Democrats ... "A grand-slam performance from Senator Kerry, for sure. To win a debate against a sitting President puts him in great standing with the American people and we are sure that a lot of people who were undecided are now leaning toward Senator Kerry. He did what we expected of him as a skilled debater."

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